My Unstolen Heart

I found this line “unstolen heart” that I liked. It’s meant to come from a self-empowering thing that says that you have to love yourself first before you love others. Then I made this metaphor for you being the thief…

I will go anywhere

Have you ever put yourself in a situation where you feel like you can’t breathe?

When we grow up, the ultimate responsibility for our lives is our own, as it should be. I learned that as you grow up your…

Awesome Sauce Pancakes

So I'll be honest in that we've been pretty bored with our regular food choices lately. Why do I bring this up, I want to share with you my love of pancakes. Making them, eating them, trying different recipes, working…

"This might be it"

I’m putting this out there just to give myself accountability for the goals that I want to accomplish.

"It occurred to him that what had seemed utterly inconceivable before - that he had not lived the kind of life he…

Chill Ride demo track cut!

So I've been learning to how to track my songs in Logic Pro X, and mix the instruments with proper volume and eq. Then I've been having the mp3 mastered with I think it sounds halfway decent. There's always…

Glitter Bomb Song

So, I saw a website where you can mail your enemies glitter. And it appears that glitter bombing someone in the public eye you don't like is a thing. 

I just like the phrase, "keep calm and glitter bomb" This…

TBT to Chicago

To Chicago

This was one of the first songs that I had written and recorded after a long hiatus of not playing or writing back in 2012. 

I had the inspiration to write it after my Grandmother's funeral, although the…

Everybody's got something

Confession time. I like browsing too much. My wife thinks that I should marry that site, I'm so in love with it. Maybe if the draconian marriage laws change, sigh...

Anyway, there was a post that caught in my…

One version of the truth

I try not to discuss politics or religion online or in person, unless directly asked. I've found out the hard way that no good ever comes of it and you wind up not accomplishing anything and you confirm in other…

Chill Ride-not quite bro country

I was channeling bro country without the pickup trucks, friday night lights and fireball shots. Maybe this isn't really a bro country song. This is more of a this is how I feel, I'll tell you why I feel this…

Firecracker cover

So I'm gonna try to do some decent covers as well in order to get pumped up! 
I'm a huge Ryan Adams fan and love all of his stuff, especially this song: