TBT to Chicago

To Chicago

This was one of the first songs that I had written and recorded after a long hiatus of not playing or writing back in 2012. 

I had the inspiration to write it after my Grandmother's funeral, although the song itself doesn't reflect any sadness, more like longing to get back home. My wife says she's sick of my sad bastard songs that I like to play anyway. So, this song turned more into a sensory experience of taking the Amtrack from Erie, PA to Chicago, IL. 

Its an open E major tuning with the capo on the 2nd fret. The weird thing with this is that if you downtune the g string to f# it is easy to break, so be careful out there. I remixed my original mp3 and mastered it with landr.com, so it sounds halfway decent I think 

Here's a quick video I did on my web cam back then too. 

to Chicago - Timothy Pratt (c) 2012

Many miles between us
Happy to see you soon
Smell the diesel burning
I dream of you

Cool wind behind me
Night train to you
Lonely bench where I lay 
Roll to my home

Cuz I wanna go 
Cuz I wanna go 
to Chicago 
to Chicago
to Chicago

Erie Lackawana
Knows where to go
Rumble of her engines
Flow through the track below

Morning comes to Chicago 
Orange light turns to Blue
trains run on time 
I'lllll be early too!

Cuz I wanna go Cuz I wanna go 
to Chicago 
to Chicago
to Chicago


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    I really like this, Tim!

    I really like this, Tim!

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