I got gum on my shoe!

So I was playing around the other day with the thought of you don't get anywhere in business or life without a little shit on your shoes. That's probably why I like to wear boots, ba dum tiss! 

So when the muses gave me this song I had to follow it up and get it down. This is a strong middle drawer song that has everything the chewing gum industry would want. Maybe, I don't know. In my head it sounds a little old timey with some jazz chords thrown in for good measure. Ukulele and voice would be perfect for this. 

Is it hacky that gum on the shoe is a metaphor for something bad I did to make my lady angry? I don't care, I have a song! How will your hero overcome such obstacles, be cute yet pithy all within the next 3 min? read on...

I’ve got gum on my shoe (c) 2014 Timothy Pratt


I've got gum on my shoe

from just walking alone

I’ve got gum on my shoe

texting on my phone

I’ve got gum on my shoe 

 after I said those words to you



Now what can I do 

that cant be undone 

how can I sing

things that cant be unsung

I told you how I feel 

and that is that 

Please don't have a heart attack!


I’ve got gum on my shoe

its hard to scrape off

I’ve got gum on my shoe

sticky bubble gum blobs

I’ve got gum on my shoe

I’ll do any thing to come clean with you


Now that you know

it cant be unknown

this is my deal

an honest appeal

I need you 

and you need me

but coming clean makes me gag


There’ll be heartache and pain

when you spit you gum in the street

cuz you never know whose foot it might meet.

coming clean is never easy with you

but when finally i do

its such a sweet treat



I’ve got no gum on my shoe

I can walk normal 

I’ve got no gum on my shoe

with out the stringy bubble

i’ve got no gum on my shoe

No 5 wintergreen, big league, bazooka, big red, bubblicious bubbleyum, chicklet dentine, hubby bubba nicorette, trident winter fresh, spearmint orbit mentos gum on my shoes. 

ah yeah!


(c) 2014 Timothy Pratt

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