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Happy Holidays everyone! I wanted to spread some holiday cheer with a new Holiday EP. Let me know what you think!

We didn't start the fire 2016

We didn’t start the fire -2016  by Billy Joel, reddit.com, Tim Pratt 

G  D  em  C  4x 

G                                     D 

Mitt Romney, Kanye West, Kim Jong un, riot fest 

em                              C 

Black lives matter, harry caray…

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Cover song list!

Hey, it's been awhile since I rapped at ya. I've been working on a cover project that I think is pretty cool.  

In addition to writing new songs I've put together a list of all of the songs that…

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Jam at William Alexander Wine Bar

I'm always interested in trying something new and taking risks with music. I was recently invited to an open mic jam at William Alexander Wine bar in Lockport, IL. 

What a great time last night, and a great way to…Read more

Somebody steal this song!

With all the crazyness regarding downloading music and artists and record companies not getting what they think they are entitled to, I decided to write a song experiment. what would happen if I wrote a song daring people to steal…

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Bite Size Win- new song!!

  I’ve been working with more titles and ideas about food and relationships, which is something that everyone I know obsesses over.

  I came across this idea of how we often advance in small ways and not every day is a…

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I Got Big Plans

I read somewhere about the Disney story arc, there's always a song at the start where the main character always exposes their big aspiration. I like to think that I'm the hero of my own story.

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I'll spit it out!

So in honor of trying to write a song a week, I am sharing this song lyric today.

It's a little bit negative in a way, its more of an escape song from a relationship. The relationship can be between…Read more
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